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Nike Air AllianceNew North Sound teamed up with the Nike Air Alliance to help take down Dr. Deflation. Click to hear for yourself!

Nike Fuel Band | The Inside StoryOriginal Music, Sound Design, and Mix by New North Sound

Coca Cola "Make-shift"Original Music by New North Sound

Les Schwab - Doing The Right Thing Since 1952Original Music and Music Editing by New North Sound

WelcomeThank you for visiting New North Sound | Recording & Post

We area team of composers, sound designers, engineers, and mixers.

We producebrand-defining music, sound design, recording, and dialog for the film, television, and music industry.

We work forclients such as Nike, Coca-Cola. Pac 10, Wieden + Kennedy, Fluid Images, OSU, and The Brewhouse Studio.

Recently opening a newly renovated 3,000 sq. ft. facility in downtown Portland, Oregon.

We are happy to offera spacious and comfortable environment for your next film, album, animation or commercial.


Sound Design. Original Music. Recording. Mixing. Music Licensing.